Energy from water in equilibrium with Nature

Today the world looks with great hope at the “Blue Growth”, the clean energy of the large masses of water from oceans, river basins, estuaries and coastal areas. Windcity has developed a new concept of eco-sustainable energy conversion, which adapts to the natural shape of the flows for the maximum production: variable geometry for variable water flows.

Watercity hydrokinetic turbine does not need infrastructure.
It is an alternative to dams: a small device completely submerged, which rotates slowly respecting the marine and river ecosystem.


With just over 3 square meters of area, Watercity is a 25 kW device completely reliable in flows and tides. Thanks to the passive variable geometry of our patent, it derives energy from real, variable and turbulent water flows.

Always auto-spinning in water, it will be possibile to convert even the smallest current (from 0.5 m / s).

Each installation is completely reversible thanks to the floating and anchoring system.

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