Windcity and the RE-COGNITION project

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Windcity and the RE-COGNITION project

The big news from 2019 that will accompany us until spring 2022 is the participation in the RE-COGNITION project. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 815301.

We at Windcity have the great honor of being part of it – through our patented technology. Participating in RE-COGNITION allows us to collaborate with important industry partners and institutions: 15 subjects involved, from the Polytechnic of Turin, to the Certh of Greece, to the University of Bristol.

An all-European community that aims to pave the way for the integrated use of as many renewable energy sources as possible on buildings.

The main ambition of RE-COGNITION is to develop an integrated solution with validated technology and aimed at maximizing the use of the energy produced locally by renewable energy technologies on buildings, with the aim of getting closer and closer to the realization of Zero Energy Buildings.


The idea of the project is based on two key principles:

  • to develop the integration platform of renewable energy solutions: the cognitive energy management engine (ACEME) will be implemented together with an intelligent gateway (iGateway), to optimally exploit the energy generated by each of the available energy resources, taking real-time consumption account, storage and network operation.
  • to implement less mature renewable technologies such as construction of photovoltaic systems integrated into the building envelope or our vertical axis variable geometry wind turbine, and more established energy sources (biogas based micro-CHP) for the building environment, together with optimally designed system peripherals (e.g. latent heat thermal storage and hybrid system, powered by solar thermal energy for cooling purposes).


We have signed the oath for a Responsible Research & Innovation. An approach that anticipates and evaluates the potential implications and expectations of society with regards to research and innovation, with the aim of promoting inclusive and sustainable research and innovation planning.

Windcity is building the demonstration plants to be installed at the Technical University Cluj-Napoca in Romania, the Corby Enterprise Center in the United Kingdom, the Turin Polytechnic in Italy.

These pilot projects will also allow us to validate the design of the rooftop installation in the Rooftop Safety Kit, a real revolution in the field of micro-wind power on a building scale.