About us


Developing our new technology, we have accepted the challenge of consistently increase the efficiency of fluid machines that work with alternative sources, wind and water, where today the variability of natural resources weighs heavily on the energy production. More production will eventually mean offering a realistic alternative to the fossil mix market, and all conventional energy sources.


The technological know-how can not really strengthened if it is not powered by its complementary “know-why”, which corresponds to the most authoritative scientific validation by all stakeholders: Economical, Social and Environmental.


This is how we like to work!


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Tommaso Morbiato, Founder, CEO and R&D Head of  Windcity srl, has a MSc in Civil Engineering with a thesis on Aeroelasticity of structures in 2002, Ph.D. in Structural Mechanicsin 2008, active as head engineer, R&Dleadand scientific coordinator of wind energy projects, he also serves as adjunct professor in industrial design & architecture faculties, and chairs a European Cooperation in Science & Technology action group. Thanks to his new energy conversion concept (pat.pend.) invariable flows he was recently awarded national and international prizes (e.g. StartUp Europe Award from European Commission, Edison Pulse from Energie de France Group, Progetto Marzotto, Unicredit Start Lab, ABB Ability).


Silvia Colladet, is an R&D engineer, she has a MSc in Civil Engineering with a thesis about wind energy harvesting from aerodynamic losses of road traffic.


Tommaso Pascon, graduated with Honours in Structural Engineering in 2016, works in the field of engineering consultancy. His skills also include aerodynamic expertise, especially involving the dynamic stability of civil structures subjected to wind loads. Since 2017, he has been working with Windcity, where he specializes in the study of urban wind comfort and numerical simulations with CFD codes.



Vanni, Roby, Samuele and Luana Casonato are the co-founding partners of Windcity srl, and through their company Nuova CML they represent the production department.


The plant is also the headquarters of the historic mechanical carpentry shop of the founder Casonato Mario Pio. In the plants of Nuova CML, important interventions were carried out in the past decades, such as the production and automation lines of leading companies in the economic landscape of the Italian North East.



Stefano Agostinelli, our Market Developer in the GCC area, is a Management Engineer and Entrepreneur active in the field of Health Care facilities with a strong background in Gulf Coast Countries market.


Juan Carlos Lozano, our Market Developer in South America, is a social entrepreneur passionate about maximizing the impact generated by social development actors. He is the founder and CEO of Innpactia.com, and also Founder of Azaí Consulting.


Clelia Mattara, graduated in Marketing and Business Communication, has been working as a web marketing specialist for several years. She is focused, in particular, on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Digital Analytics