Would you buy a car that is worth 100 kW but then for some reason it does only the 25% of the work?

Today something similar is happening in the renewable energy market!




The energy harvested should be equal to the rated power of the turbine that you buy multiplied by the working time. It is not so: this ratio is much lower than one, the agencies monitoring renewable energies performances record a 0,25-0,30 on average.

Why this?


The problem is the technological distance between machine (the turbine), expecting a regular flow, and Nature offering instead a variable flow where the machine is continuosly switched on and off, with a poor level of production.


Check it in the image on the side.


So what?


It’s the machine that needs to adapt to Nature, and not the way around!

This is how energy production  will increase, and renewable sources will be an effective alternative to the carbon energy supply system.


This is how our patent was born: if one wants to rotate even with the feeblest wind, then the “merry-go-round” needs to be just as big as to start-up.

This is the variable inertia principle.

E si accompagna all’inclinazione variabile delle pale: se vuoi andare in barca con la forza del vento, devi regolare le vele con l’andatura, oppure non ti muoverai dal porto.


img_5-min (2)

La nostra soluzione, Windcity, unisce i due princìpi di inclinazione delle pale e di inerzia: geometria variabile per flussi variabili.

E’ l’unica macchina che non ha una singola curva di coppia ma ne ha una intera famiglia e si porta da sola su quella più conveniente, in un dialogo naturale continuo con la Natura.

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Dallo stessa visione, nasce Watercity: geometria variabile per flussi d’acqua variabili.


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Abbiamo fondato Windcity nel giugno 2016. All’interno del team ci sono 5 aree funzionali: R&S, market development, finanza e organizzazione, produzione e comunicazione. Siamo in un realtà in continua evoluzione ed attualmente siamo impegnati in diversi progetti pilota.


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